Damaged House Siding Can Lead to Big Problems for Manhattan, KS, Homeowners

If the siding on your house in Manhattan, Kansas, is damaged, you may be thinking about repairing just the damaged section, while leaving the rest of the cladding in place. While a repair may seem like the most economical solution, the long-term price of inadequately addressing a house siding issue can be more significant than the cost of a complete replacement. That’s because damaged siding – especially if it’s wood – usually indicates a more widespread problem. Damage caused by a termite infestation is seldom restricted to a small area since colonies tend to spread out behind the planks. Even if the damage isn’t caused by insects, it’s difficult to properly integrate new house siding into existing panels so that it provides a weathertight seal.

At Woodbridge Home Exteriors, we are the house siding experts in Manhattan, KS, and have transformed thousands of homes into neighborhood gems with our top-of-the-line Woodbridge Classic vinyl siding. Our experienced installation team will make sure your new cladding fits your home like a second skin to ensure it provides outstanding protection from the elements. Not only is Woodbridge Classic vinyl siding beautiful, it’s also:

  • Impact resistant – Hail, woodpeckers, small windblown debris, and stones cast up by lawnmowers will just bounce off our siding without leaving dings or dents.
  • Durable – Vinyl cladding will not rot, warp, blister, peal, or succumb to insect damage for as long as you own your home.
  • Rigid – Our rolled-edge nail hems ensure straight, clean lines, even walls, and provide dependable wind resistance to gusts of up to 130 mph.
  • Easy to clean – Since vinyl is non-porous, you’ll be able to wash away dust and grit with just a quick spray from a garden hose.

Don’t risk long-term damage to your home by trying to repair what should be replaced. Contact Woodbridge Home Exterior today to learn more about our premium vinyl house siding. We can also offer financing to qualified Manhattan, KS, customers.

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