The Time to Replace the House Windows in Your Lubbock, TX, Residence is Before the Damage Becomes Obvious

House windows usually don’t go bad overnight. Unless something comes crashing through them, the windows in your Lubbock, Texas, home probably look about the same as they did last week, last month, or last year. But just because house windows appear intact, it doesn’t mean they’re not in need of replacing. Damage often occurs out of sight. Broken seals are difficult to detect with just a visual inspection. Termites can spend years hollowing out wooden frames without the infestation being detected. Warping and swelling usually only become obvious when a window begins to stick. And moisture incursion can ruin plaster and rot interior support structures long before stains appear along inner walls.

At Woodbridge Home Exteriors, we have seen our share of damage caused by house windows that no longer provide effective weatherproofing. In many cases, the resulting deterioration required costly repairs to fix. Even if physical damage is minor, degraded and drafty house windows allow heat to transfer between the inside and outside of the frame, making your home less energy efficient.

Thankfully, Lubbock, TX, residents can turn to Woodbridge Home Exterior for premium house windows and expert installation services. Our exclusive Woodbridge Classic windows are:

  • Beautiful, with a variety of configurations, exterior colors, interior finishes, and decorative glass options to choose from
  • Durable, with rugged vinyl frames that will never rot, swell, warp, blister, or succumb to insect damage for as long as you own your home
  • Energy efficient thanks to foam-filled masterframes, innovative warm-edge glass spacers, and dual FinSil weather-stripping

Don’t let the value of your Lubbock, TX, home go out its windows. Contact Woodbridge Home Exteriors today to learn more about replacing your old house windows with premium Woodbridge Classic windows. And if you’re interested in financing your home improvement project, we offer a number of plans for qualified customers.

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