Siding Installation Services for Your Dallas, TX, Home That Take the Cake

Siding installation would be a piece of cake if your Dallas, Texas, home happened to be shaped like one. A wedged, three-sided house with no eves, overhangs, windows, or gables would pose few challenges for most companies. If your house resembles a giant slice of wedding cake, rejoice! You should have no trouble finding someone to install new siding. If, however, your residence happens to be burdened with such complications as a roofline, four or more sides, and a window or two—not to mention a door—you’d do well to hire an experienced team to ensure your siding installation is handled competently and professionally.

Thankfully, Dallas, TX, residents can turn to the experts at Woodbridge Home Exteriors for all their siding installation needs. As a locally owned business with over 60 years of collective experience in the remodeling industry, we have the knowledge and knowhow to expertly install new siding on your house, no matter how many angles, nooks, and decorative flairs it may have.

But for a siding installation project to provide maximum beauty and protection, it must start with a top-of-the-line product. Our Woodbridge Classic insulated vinyl siding has a woodgrain finish that provides the traditional elegance of real wood without its excessive maintenance requirements. The benefits don’t end there, however. Our premium siding:

  • Never rots, warps, shrinks, or blisters, and will retain its like-new vibrancy for decades to come
  • Eliminates the heat loss that occurs around uninsulated wooden studding, making your house more energy efficient and potentially lowering energy costs
  • Have 30 percent fewer seams than standard siding, giving your home’s exterior a more elegant, streamlined appearance

Don’t entrust the exterior of your Dallas, TX, residence with just anyone. Contact Woodbridge Home Exteriors today to arrange a no-obligation consultation, learn more about our siding products, and discuss financing options available to all of our qualified customers. When it comes to siding installation, we take the cake.

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