For Top-of-the-Line Soffit and Fascia in Wichita Falls, TX, Turn to Woodbridge Home Exteriors

Soffit and fascia may not be terms most Wichita Falls, Texas, homeowners are familiar with, but they’re still important facets of your home’s exterior. Soffit are the segmented panels that are visible beneath overhangs. The next time you’re outside your home, give them a look. You may notice they’re gridded with small openings. This allows air to flow into your attic to help mitigate the excessive heat that can build up in the highest room of your house. Occasional soffit inspections are helpful, as they can alert homeowners to possible bird, rodent, or bat infestations since many of these common household intruders enter through damaged or missing soffit panels. Fascia are the long pieces of trim that cap eaves and edge rooflines. They protect the roof from water damage and give a clean, finished appearance to your home’s exterior.

At Woodbridge Home Exteriors, we offer our exclusive line of Woodbridge Classic soffit and fascia to homeowners in Wichita Falls, TX. Made right here in Texas by skilled technicians using cutting-edge technology and premium-grade materials, these top-of-the-line products offer a number of advantages over other soffit and fascia brands including:

  • Hidden aeration openings, so each soffit segment will have the same smooth finish as the rest of the siding on your house
  • Exceptional durability thanks to rugged vinyl construction that mimics the appearance of wood but will never rot, warp, peel, blister, or succumb to termite damage
  • A TriBeam® design that enhances strength and improves rigidity, preventing panels from cupping or sagging as they age
  • A rich palette of designer colors that boast a low-gloss finish and titanium dioxide protection to prevent fading due to ultraviolet degradation

When you’re ready to replace the soffit and fascia on your home, trust the siding experts at Woodbridge Home Exteriors. To learn more, contact us today and schedule a no-obligation, in-home consultation with one of our design experts. And, be sure to ask about financing available to all our qualified Wichita Falls, TX, customers.

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